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Thoroughbreds versus Quarter Horses

In LONG ROAD HOME, a contemporary romance and the first book of my Crystal Springs/Coming Home Series, you will meet several Thoroughbreds horses and a few Quarter horses. Here in Oklahoma, we’re proud of both! However, it’s the versatile Quarter horse that Oklahoma cowboys chose (and still choose) to ride. After all, Quarter horses are built to be good cutting and reining horses! They are compact horses that can stop and start on a dime and beat just about any horse in a quarter mile race. Thus their name.

The magnificent Thoroughbreds are also loved by many, but for different reasons. Thoroughbreds are bred to run! And run! And run!  They are the perfect horse if you want to compete in not only racing but in hunter/jumper events. Their long legs are good for not just running longer distances, but also jumping. And because of their long legs, they are almost always taller than Quarter horses. While Thoroughbreds are gorgeous animals, those long legs are one of the reasons they are not the best choice for cutting cattle or reining events. Most Thoroughbreds stand at 17 – 19 hands high, while a typical quarter horse is usually 15-16 hands high. This can vary, but you get the drift. Short legs, short fast sprints. Long legs, long races and sailing gracefully over jumps.

LONG ROAD HOME is set around Thoroughbreds, both their racing and also hunter/jumper events. 

Which breed is your favorite, Quarter horse or Thoroughbred?