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New Grandson

I have three granddaughters, and I love them all. Each is precious and wonderful in their own unique way, and I’m so in love with those girls. Last week, a sweet little boy joined the grand-crowd! He’s a doll. When he was three days old, he was admitted into NICU with an extremely bad case of jaundice. My daughter was told by her pediatrician that Max’s numbers were high enough, that he was at risk for brain damage. Who knew jaundice could cause this? No one I have asked, knew this. It is probably rare, but it was still very frightening. Max is now home and snuggling with his mom and dad and Mimi — that would be me — whenever I can get there!

As thrilled and thankful as I am that Max is home and healthy, I can’t help but continue to think about all the babies in the NICU who were not watched over by their mom and/or dad during their stay. How sad this was to me as I walked down the halls and saw these tiny newborns all by themselves. Whether the parents could not be there because their work would not let them off, or whether these babies’ parents simply stayed away, my heart aches.

All newborn babies need their parents. It is quite evident in the delivery room, when they turn their heads at the sound of Dad’s or Mom’s voice, that they already know their parents. When they lie in their father’s or mother’s arms and stare into their eyes, you can see the connection. You can feel it in the room.

I thank God that my new grandson did not have to go through four days of NICU without the continual love of his mom and dad, and I find myself sending prayers to all the precious, innocent babies facing their first journey into this world without the love of family surrounding them and sending them love.  Welcome to our family, Max. We all love you to the moon and back!


I have a new grandson and I might have trouble finding the time to write! His older sisters are in love with him and so is his Mimi — that would be me! Here is a picture of the snuggle bunny being held by my oldest two granddaughters. My youngest granddaughter comes to town in a few days to see her cousin. Yes, this little fella will definitely be spoiled!!



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