Shelby’s Gift

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Shelby's GiftSurrogate mother Shelby Harrison gives birth to a baby boy, Kyle, and loves him instantly. He’s all she has left of her sister, Debbie, who was killed in a car accident six months ago. She’s prepared to fight for joint custody even as she battles feelings she knows she shouldn’t have for the man who is Kyle’s father—and her sister’s husband.

Ben Martin is outraged that Shelby wants joint custody of his baby. Yet after his initial anger and feelings of betrayal, Ben suggests a marriage of convenience so that together he and Shelby can provide the love and security he and Debbie wanted their baby to have.

What first seems like a workable solution quickly turns into a nightmare of grief and guilt when Ben and Shelby find themselves fighting a fierce attraction—an attraction that seems the worst possible betrayal of Debbie.

But Debbie has her own opinion and reaches out from the other side to Shelby and Ben, bringing them the love and healing they need to move forward with their lives.

What readers & reviewers are saying about Shelby’s Gift

“This story was so wonderful. The characters had depth and were well-defined…Please have a box of tissues handy. My heart felt as though it was being ripped from my body. This is an absolute must read for any romance lover. I highly recommend it.” ~ Melody Cox

“Author Mary Jane Morgan does a fine job orchestrating the guilt, desire, remorse, and joy of new life in Shelby’s Gift. These three main characters find themselves in a horrible predicament. Each dances to a different tune of silent grief and none seem to understand why the others aren’t dancing with them…The story is told with good humor and a kaleidoscope of emotional color.” ~ Jackson Burnett