Dare To Love

DareToLove900Crystal Springs Romances: The Wedding Chapel Book 3

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Will Natasha and Logan save each other, or destroy each other?

Free spirit equine therapist, Natasha Mulvane, has been running for years. After losing her father at the age of ten and being emotionally deserted by her grief-stricken mother, Natasha knows better than to count on anyone but herself. She’s determined to never settle down, never rely on others, and certainly never fall in love.

Clinical psychologist, Logan Coleman, is no stranger to loss and copes by filling his days with satisfying work. But the new equine therapist for the Crystal Springs dude ranch, upsets the calm, orderly world Logan has painstakenly built to protect his emotions.

Can these two wounded hearts find the courage to overcome their deepest fears and finally dare to love?