Dangerous Moves

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Dangerous Moves
Dillon McRay has wanted to win the bull riding at the International Finals Rodeo all his life, but he wrenched his back and needs physical therapist, Brooke Stevenson, to fix him up. 

Brooke knows that if he competes before his back is healed, he could be permanently disabled. In spite of her warning, Dillon insists he’ll be riding a bull in six weeks. 

As Brooke works to rehabilitate Dillon’s back, the daring cowboy charms his way past her defenses. Brooke does exactly what she’s sworn she wouldn’t do—falls hard for a cowboy who’s on a quest that might leave him crippled—maybe even paralyzed like her brother—and once again she’s helpless to prevent it.

What readers & reviewers are saying about Dangerous Moves

“Ms. Morgan wrote an entertaining story. I loved the chemistry between Dillion and Brooke. I enjoy reading stories about cowboys and Dillion is a wonderful hero.” ~ Margaret Daley

“I’ve read many romance novels and I was impressed with this one it is entertaining.” ~ Gina Franco